Frugal Friday Freebies (a day thank you EDUCENTS!)

Sorry this is a day late this week! As you can see, I haven't posted anything since LAST Friday. We've been on the run this week...with anywhere from one to three errands each day. From client meetings, auditions for the kids, and, Dr. appts, it's been an INSANE WEEK.

AND....I'll be launching a new product line in my TeachersPayTeachers store next week (last week of February)! Gah! (For those who don't already know, I damaged my right arm and am just recovering this week, so that was a major setback.) I'm reaching out to a few Top Sellers on TPT (some of whom are editing clients of mine) as product testers because I wanna make sure it's something I can officially say is "tried & true" (and loved!) by some of TPT's Top Sellers! 

Soooo, I'm kinda cheating and am gonna go with a couple of (errr...make that 17!) awesome freebies from Educents!

First up is a MEGA freebie pack of 16 FREEBIES from for preschool to around 1st/2nd graders.

Of course, in's for ANY child who could use the help. ALL teachers--whether homeschoolers or classroom teachers--know we use whatever we need to help our kiddos, regardless of "grade level" - so don't be deterred because it's labeled as a "preschool pack!" Tucked inside, you'll find the extremely popular Frozen ABC pack, too!

Exclusive Freebie Pack

This pack is pretty much an absolute boatload of ELA/Language Arts resources covering:
  • Sight Words
  • CVC Unit
  • Spring Unit
  • Back to School Selfies
  • Rhyming Bunnies
  • Robert Munsch Unit
  • Spring Wheels
  • George Washington Unit
  • Sight Words
  • Amusing A Pack
  • Cooking Into History
  • Farm Unit
  • Frozen ABC Pack
  • Short Vowel Sorting
  • Spring Poems
  • Vowel Sounds
Interested? Go grab yours while it lasts! 

For your older ones, check out this FREE Black History Month set of Biography Notebooking pages

Biography Notebooking Pages

This bundle is a great way to review or start teaching biography reports! And, it'll work with any resources you're using for Black History Month! In the end, you'll have an awesome notebooking project pack

Here's to a less busy week this week! (Yeah, right!) 

Frugal Friday Freebies!

It's that time of the week again! Time for YOU to snag some FREEBIES. Why? Because it's FRIDAY! Do you need another reason? No? Then keep reading! :)  

(This week, three out of four of the freebies are Valentine's Day-themed and the other aren't. So, why not toss in a pretty Valentine's Day-themed page divider?)

How about 24 PAGES of absolutely FREE Valentine's-themed freebies from Laura Candler?

FREE February Activities from Teaching Resources

Most of us homeschoolers have known of Laura Candler for many years now, but she has her stuff on TPT now, too! Be sure and follow her store (you'll need a TPT account, which is also free) so you don't miss out on anything she uploads! 

Next up, Math posters from Bridget at Little Lovely Leaders. These Math posters are alphabetized with terms for learners at all levels. She's even thought ahead and made them in two different color schemes! Print them up as posters, or use them to make a cute flip-book (or even a lapbook!). 


**Note** The link above takes you to her TPT store with the primary-colored posters. To get the other set, just click the link to her blog, & then click "Freebies."

Looking for some Valentine's-themed Math fun? Check out this graphing activity from Christian Homeschool Publishing

February - Valentines Graphing Activities 2nd & 3rd Grades

While it says it's geared toward 2nd and 3rd graders, I can easily think of a couple things to do with a 4th or even 5th grader kiddos (just depends on the Math they've already covered) and you can definitely use some of it for your younger ones! (Also: IDK if it's included in the packet or not, but don't forget to save it for AFTER Valentine's Day - so the kids can graph how many cards they got from boys vs. girls, which ones had candy vs. didn't, etc.!)

Love making your own Valentines (or do your kiddos)? Check out this craftivity with free instructions on making your own scratch-off Valentines from Teacher Ms. H! 

Valentine's Day Scratch-off Cards Craftivity FREE

She has a blog you can follow as well, but these are only in her TPT store at the moment. We'll be doing them this year because my kids love making their own instead of the boxed versions that never have enough for the parties we attend! 

And that, Dear Readers, is IT for this week! Sorry it's only four (instead of the usual five to ten), but it's Friday, my brain is fried, I'm BEAT, I waited until Friday to actually make this post, and..........yeah. Not to mention, I've got a few things left to do (work-related things/client deadlines, film-making things, school-related things and oh yeah - it's almost suppertime). 

However, if you're into designing products, the page divider I used this week is a FREEBIE from Paula Kim Studio. So, technically, I did give you FIVE freebies. Woohoo!! :) 

**Speaking of work & clients: I'm almost ready to launch that page, so become another blog follower if you wanna know when that launches! It's going to be about being a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) and specifically, homeschooling while being a WAHM, how to make it work, pros/cons, what I've learned, mistakes I've made so you don't do the same, etc. When the page goes live, I'll make a blog post about it, so you'll have to follow if you wanna know when that is!** 

Next week, I promise to do better with Frugal Friday....and now that it's February, of course the Frugal Friday number images will change! (Am I the only one excited about that part?!? I love making clipart and images; it's relaxing for me!) 

Oh! And if you follow my TPT store or my CurrClick store be on the lookout for a new product line launching THIS WEEK! (I do have some products that are on one site but not the other, which is largely due to audience appeal.) I actually have two, but I'm only gonna push myself into doing one specific line...which is probably gonna be the biggy. 

If you're a TPT Seller or CurrClick Publisher (of ELA/English Language Arts products), I promise you'll be interested. And that's all I'm sayin'. ;o) 

So, just stay tuned to either of my stores, the blog, and/or some of the TPT Facebook groups (open and closed groups), as well as the TPT Sellers' forums to find out more later this week! I DO have another secret, but you'll find out what THAT surprise is just by checking out the blog in...hmmm, looks like about a month! :) :)

Much love!  

(It IS almost Valentine's Day, after all...!)

Magic School Bus Science Club 50% off deal is BACK at Educents!

The Magic School Bus Science Club 50% off deal is BACK at Educents! 

cool science experiments

If you weren't able to snag this deal before (or are still doing some post-Christmas shopping!), check out the Magic School Bus Science Club 12-month subscription.......for 50% off! ONLY at Educents!! 

I will say that we actually own four of these and they are AMAZING. I'll have to do a review post some time soon, but I'm quite surprised with how all-compassing these kits are. They're just enough to let you springboard by getting some library books (or, if you're like me, shopping at Goodwill for awesome juvenile nonfiction books/living books for less than a buck!!!). 

You can VERY easily incorporate any books, small units, lapbooks, etc. into these and then use what's in the kit for all of your experiments. (And isn't that usually the most annoying part anyway, buying materials for experiments?) With these kits, the hard part's DONE. All you have to do is gather a few books to read, stream some YouTubes, and follow the experiments

As a homeschooling mama, I have to say that the best part is that if you don't have "time" for Science or would prefer keeping Science to just two or three days a week, you can use one box for a month--and you still won't finish all of the experiments, unless you do more than one in a day. By having books on hand, Science can be extremely "open and go" with these kits (I speak from experience, and we'll be starting the Weather Lab which point I'll start posting pics so you can see how awesome these kits are!)

So what are you waiting for? Get your subscription at 50% off and call Science DONE for at least 12 months--maybe longer! 

FREE Christmas Wish Lists!

Christmas Wish Lists {FREEBIE}!!

Use these FREE Christmas Wish Lists for your classroom, homeschool, own children, or whoever! Just have fun with them and enjoy!

**FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: These print out TWO to a page! :)**

Other ideas:
~Published part of a writing project
~Interactive Writing Notebooks, Making Lists
~For Santa (or Mom & Dad) of course! :)


Educents FREE Holiday Gift Guide!

Trying to think of that perfect gift? Check out this FREE Holiday Gift guide from Educents, jam-packed full of excellent gift ideas!

Educents Holiday Gift Guide

❄ Happy Holidays! ❄

The Educents team is excited to share their favorite deals and products with you this holiday season. Each staff member chose their favorite deal for the holidays and included it in this handy guide. Check out the deals, including free apps, art & craft supplies, personalized books, LEGO sets, martial arts online and so much more. They have something for everyone!

FREE 180-page Christmas learning pack!

This is  of my post re-pinned items and if you download it, you'll see why! Check out this freebie from!

Free Christmas Learning Pack! -

Included is a **FREE** 180-page Christmas learning pack with (and these are seriously just a few of the items included): 

  • Math:
    Elf Math
    Color by Subtraction
    Fill in the Missing numbers
    Stocking & Candy Cane color by number
    Dot the ABC & Numbers
    Fill in the Missing Patterns
    Measure the Kids
  • Language Arts:Prewriting Practice
    Label beginning sounds
    Christmas Writing
    Christmas Acrostic Poems
    Mixed-up Christmas Sentences
    Color the digraph Cookies
..........and sooooo much more. Seriously, with 180 pages, this is a drop in the bucket of what's included! 

AND, she's thought ahead to those of us who may have a toddler/tot running around! She's included a 46-page Tot Pack with activities like:
  • Solid & Dashed Prewriting
  • Which one is different? 
  • Color the smaller items/Circle the bigger items
  • Shape tracing
  • Lacing letters
..........and still more! 

Once you grab this FREEBIE, you'll see why it's one of my most re-pinned items! 

Educents Black Friday Cyber Monday SALE!!


They're finally here! The two biggest sale days of the year! Educents is having their Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale from November 28 - December 1st. You'll get an EXTRA 10% off + FREE SHIPPING (in the continental US) on top of their already discounted prices! Use code Pajamas10 at checkout to receive the discount. Check out the amazing deals below, categorized by age!

prekUntitled 12


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Untitled 3


HSUntitled 5



$1 only ~ Thanksgiving Buntings! {Dollar Deal}

If you're like me, you like decorating the classroom or the house with the things the children make. We like having the children talk about something for which they're thankful on Thanksgiving (I think everyone does something like this, lol), but my kiddos LOVE these buntings because they get to write more than one thing (with four children, if they each do four triangles--one in each color--that's 16 right there!) In the classroom, you'd probably want to give one per student...unless you have a lot of room!

What a great way to decorate:

  • The hallway outside the classroom
  • A bulletin board (aren't those the best? less work for teachers!)
  • A classroom door (a zig-zag bunting)
  • Your family dining room wall
  • The wall behind the "food buffet" at Thanksgiving dinner
  • Your homeschool room
.......and gobs of other possibilities! One of the best things about this is that you can use it in the classroom AND in your own home! Once you buy it, it's yours! 

Veterans Day NO PREP activity!

It's baaaaaack! Veterans Day, that is! Just a few more days....and are you ready?!?

If you're in a panic wondering what on earth to do with younger ones, check this out:

And for you teachers out there, it's CCSS-aligned, making it even more enticing! 

So what's included??

*A Veterans Day KWL
*Nonfiction, informational text
*A "Dear Hero" letter sheet in regular lines and primary lines
*Fact Review Math problems (WITH a recording sheet!)
*Number matching (using camouflage numbers!) 
*A place-value "chalkboard" --- great for a Math Center! 
*A comprehension activity based on the informational text at the beginning of the product.

So, literally you can just whip this out, start with the KWL, and get going from there! You may choose to use the activities in a different order, but either way, there's NO PREP for you! Just print, bring to school, pass out printables as you move along, and GO! 

***ANSWER KEYS are included for BOTH the Fact Review and Reading Comprehension activity!!****

FREE Character Development Cards! {and a giveaway!}

Image: Self

Looking for something simple to complement character studies? How about some FREE printable character development cards? These would be an excellent supplement to so many programs (especially unit studies!) out there. You could also use them in a Sunday School setting (maybe "take home cards"?). If you teach in a private school, you can use them for some school-home interaction. Public school teachers can use them, too (but you may have to eliminate/talk around the Scripture references....)

Best of all, they're FREE...which makes it even easier to find a variety of uses for them--instead of racking your brain trying to decide whether or not they're worth the money. (Although, IMO? I have to say, I'd buy them, simply because I like that they have open-ended questions, take the "think of something to say" away from me, and they'd go great with several things I have around here and like to do with our children!) 

Traits covered include: 
  • Appreciation
  • Beauty
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Empathy
  • Faith
  • Generosity
  • Honesty
Free character development cards conversation starters
Image: True Aim Education

Each trait has 3-5 cards to go accompany it. Each card has open-ended discussion questions that easily lend themselves to some good supper-table conversation, Family Bible Study discussions, one-on-one time talks, and more. And you know how we tend to head off on a billion rabbit trails.... 

Ready? Aim: Grab 'Em! 

Head on over to True Aim Education and read through the blog post for the link to the cards. You can print them up, hole-punch them, and put them on a key-ring if you'd like...sort of like those games that come on a key-ring (we have one and I cannot remember what they're called ATM but they've been awesome to use while waiting for dinner at a restaurant--which would be yet another great use for these character development cards

Want even MORE Goodies?

Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the link above...and you could be the proud owner of all of this adorable set for your preschoolers: 

Character-Set-for Kids
Image: Blue Manor Education

{For more information about this Character and Social set, visit Blue Manor Education.}